im lik ie n my archive trying to delete my shitty old content but the worst that happened was like that month where i was an snk fan,


more ep 9 screencaps

theres soap in my ears and i just took a bath in something people use as a laxative 

im gonna make lcl bath salts idfc


so many ppl say they hate naruto but in the same breath theyll be well like rock lee is my son i mean i hate the series but narusasu is real naruto fucking sucks but hey do u wanna see my old deviantart i had entire villages of ocs itll hilarious..i still have my leaf village headband hhahaha isnt that funny We Are Fighting Dreamers ..Right Here Right Now


Citrine Points

since i promised to dress up and im too much of a pissbaby to wear my dress this is my resolve„

your eyebrows are super mega cute

omg ty i can’t figure out in which way they’re uneven but im trying to fix them!

should i wear my new dress to school?? i told enzo i would but im also p nervous bc people will be able to see me again and thats a little frightening